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Louver Architect | Most Beautiful Louver Roof Systems in the World

The louver architect was none other than Ieoh Ming Pei. I .M .Pie, full name Ieoh Ming Pei, was the son of a prominent Chinese banker who left for America to study architecture at MIT and Harvard and then went to New York to teach and work for the US government.

 He was able to set up his own design company. His structures were made of stone, steel, and glass, and he, like the louvre in France, often placed a glass pyramid on his projects. Follow us to find out more about louvre pyramid construction details, louvre pyramid architecture analysis and louvre pyramid inside.

Louver Architect | Most Beautiful Louver Roof Systems in the World

Advantages and disadvantages of louver roof systems

Advantages and disadvantages of louver roof systems First of all, we need to explain the louvre pyramid facts. Traveling around the world and seeing what the past has done so far is not only appealing to art and architecture enthusiasts, but also to everyone. The evolution of buildings from the past has never been covered by anyone, and the distinction between old and new is easily recognizable.

You may at first be intrigued by the idea of ​​a completely modern building in the heart of a very classic one, but in reality you will be delighted to see a masterpiece of this combination. Many of you have heard of the Louvre Museum in Paris, but what do you know about the accessory?

What is now known as the Louvre Museum is the 14th and 15th centuries. Therefore, the construction of this museum’s privacy, like other valuable monuments in the world, has many limitations.

When the Louvre Museum Extension was designed, it would have been possible for the project to override the others without creating any burden on the collection space, causing no problems for the visitor cones and the museum’s skylights.

Designed by I.M.Pie, the entrance glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris is shaped like an iceberg, and inside it is one of the largest and most beautiful museums in the world. In fact, the entrance to the new Louvre Museum was one of the most important design issues of the collection. IMP rejected from the outset one of the three available inputs. It therefore suggested the use of a completely separate and new input. He located this entrance at the center of Napoleon Square, the center of gravity of the new Louvre complex. This entrance, with an equal distance from the three Louvre factions, allowed direct access to various parts of the museum. As such, one of the most undesirable features of the old Louvre, which had long been unintended pathways through various sections of the museum, was eliminated.

10 Important facts you should know about louver systems

10 Important facts you should know about louver systems Here are some tips on some of the most important:

  • Louvre Museum glass pyramid
  • Louvre Museum Building and Facade
  • Louvre Museum Entrance
  • Louvre Museum corridors
  • And some other examples, such as the height of the pyramid and various parts of the museum

The louvre’s pyramid is 21.5 meters high and 35 meters long and is surrounded by the main building of the museum. Its structure consists of 612 pieces of rhombus glass mounted on a steel structure in the shape of a pyramid. Each surface of the pyramid is made up of cross-shaped trusses of different sizes that are parallel to the edges.

The pressing members of the trusses, consisting of vertical and vertical components, are made of box sections and are members of the lower and diagonal tensile, rods and cables. In this case the glass parts are connected by screws to the intersection points of the upper components, thus being separated from the structural system at the same time.

The selected structural system has the ability to cope with the wind force at the pyramid surface. In this case, the structure will withstand the suction of the glass well. The 16 extension cords connect the joints along the lower components of the trusses and integrate the entire structure. The pyramid structure specifically exposes the contradiction between the tensile and compressive components, in accordance with the French tradition, with a precise and subtle combination. The structure, which falls into the minimalist design group, has been used primarily to tackle tensile rigging with ropes that work to tighten the rig using tensile cables.

Various types of louver roof systems on the market

Various types of louver roof systems on the market Aluminum sheets nowadays known as the Louvre Aluminum False Ceiling are used to cover the interiors of businesses. In fact, the Louvre is part of the false ceilings used as a strip. Like the Louvre Profil, Luxalon and Dampa models, the main feature of these false ceilings is the low weight of the aluminum Louvre false ceilings.

These aluminum sheets are available in different lengths and can be installed and installed in different locations as desired by the customer. Aluminum louvered false ceilings come in two blade and profile designs that can be used and installed in many cases. Among the false ceilings that are striped are aluminum Louvre ceilings. Due to the distinctive features of these ceilings they can be small in volume and can cause sound to break in space and of course the high variety in color and coating type.

They offer unique capabilities such as arching, 3D rendering and lighting at different levels and are the best option for choosing false ceilings in commercial and public places. Profiled aluminum Louvre false ceilings are part of strip ceilings which are used as parallel strips at different steps in different buildings.

Best providers and designers of louver systems

Best providers and designers of louver systems In fact, the aluminum louvre false ceiling due to its outstanding features such as light weight, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion, fire-proof and anti-fungal, easy to install, quick to install, portable, recyclable, high color variability and having different dimensions for a variety of applications is nowadays a part of modern false ceilings, which in addition to the high benefits, gives a beautiful decoration to the ceilings. Although the aluminum louvre false roof is more expensive than other roofs, it is durable and can be used for years without any damage. Such false ceilings have a variety of uses in public and commercial spaces, giving clean and beautiful spaces. These include removable, decorative and open false ceilings, known as acoustic aluminum louver ceilings. These types of false ceilings consist of boxes or standing blades of various dimensions, which must be installed parallel to each other with a clear spacing. Lighting on the back and ceiling surface of the aluminum louvre can be an option for businesses as a marketing and business boom. False aluminum Louvre blade roofs are lightweight, lightweight roofs used as heat and sound insulation. These roofs are highly durable due to the use of aluminum or galvanized sheets and can be recycled after years of use.

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