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High-quality aluminium glass facade for sale

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aluminium glass facade, like other appliances, have several qualities. The reason is that by increasing and decreasing the quality, the manufacturer can consider different prices for his product in order to increase the number of his customers. Of course, this is one of the reasons for using aluminum profiles. Another reason can be related to different manufacturers

High-quality aluminium glass facade for sale

What is aluminium glass facade?

What is aluminium glass facade? glass facade is one of the most widely used Installation of aluminum and glass facades used in buildings today. In this type of building facade, first a network of aluminum profiles called lameles is installed on the external walls of the building. They are then sealed and aerated by special tires and the glass is mounted on them by moving aluminum bites. When you look at the building from the outside, there are no traces of aluminum nets, and you see a one-handed glass building that, in addition to its boundless beauty, has excellent sealing and aeration, simple installation. One of the advantages of glass facade is frameless. Which has been able to be very popular in building facades today.

In the range of Curtain Wall glass facade systems, U channel  is the simplest, most cost-effective, frameless glass facade type, which also has limitations, such as not being suitable for high-rise buildings at all, because due to Simple connections that are larger than other frameless connections cannot withstand the weight of large glass. The U channel system uses U-shaped spacers that, as the name implies, are U-shaped and are placed as puzzles on aluminum plates by metal or aluminum bites. And after installing the glass, the seams and intervals of 1-2 cm between the glass are sealed and sealed with silicone base adhesives.

Purchasing Luxury aluminium glass facade

Purchasing Luxury aluminium glass facade The Price frame profile daily price list is delivered to the major aluminum profile buyer through wholesalers. These price lists, which may rise or fall on different days, are available to applicants in a variety of ways. Some regular buyers ask sellers to get the price list through the seller within a certain period of time, and this is done as usual.

This price list, in which they have specified the types of profiles at the price of each type, is tabulated, and in the description column and column, the type of profile and the manufacturer’s sugar are mentioned so that the buyer can buy it. Make no mistake. These lists are sometimes distributed by manufacturers in cyberspace to be made available to the public so that they can attract new customers.

The Glass and Aluminium Facade systems profile market is usually more prosperous in metropolitan areas than in small towns. Big cities, led by Tehran, have the largest market for this product. In the next places, we can mention Mashhad, Isfahan and Tabriz. Of course, since most of the frameless profiles are exchanged in Tehran, perhaps no one even knows that someone is working in his own city or province, and although he may be close to the buyer who sells this frameless profile, he is still the person to buy. Do from the bottom.

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