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High Quality Facade Louvre Systems in 2019

aluminum sun louvers are the latest generation of skylights and shades that have recently attracted a lot of attention from consumers. Many designers also recommend using this type of louvre in facade design. The diameter of these Louvers is between 1 and 2 mm. They prevent up to 5% of direct sunlight and play a special role in optimizing energy consumption in the building (30% reduction in energy consumption).

High Quality Facade Louvre Systems in 2019

Different Sun shading louvers for sale

Different Sun shading louvers for sale

To find out about selling different types of sun louvers, through the Internet or various websites that sale different types of  louvre Gain information. The cubic louvre is available in various sizes and dimensions, and its overall structure is made of aluminum profiles.

Composite louvres are made in a box (square cube or rectangular cube) and have all the different capabilities of a composite view. Most of the difference between the Louvre types (apart from the different features and options) is how they are installed.

The next type is the Louvre Sun Breaker Systems which is used in residential buildings, offices, schools and universities, sports complexes and any other buildings and spaces where beauty and comfort are your top priorities. Available in various colors including silver, gold, bronze and black. These angular chandeliers reduce the sun’s impact by 5% and reduce energy consumption by 5% of total consumption. These louvres have high wind resistance due to the use of sturdy aluminum metal and can withstand winds up to 5 kilometers.

All about sun shading louvres and their different types

Some types of sun shading louvres by appearance are:

1- Louvre Duke-Schieder (Canopy)

In this system, we can create exquisite and beautiful shades with spindle-shaped blades, which we use in addition to the beauty of functional and useful canopies. Consumer attention, including architects.)

Maximum permissible distance of the base of the Louvre by wind force and type of Louvre:

Aluminum Louvre (6063 aluminum alloy production) reduces the sun’s radiation exposure by up to 80% and reduces energy consumption by up to 30%.

The system consists of three main parts (connected to the structure forming the Louvre complex).

An attachment to a structure called the sun, which has teeth, allows the totality of the Louvre to be positioned from a zero angle of 22.5 degrees to a maximum of 67.5 degrees.

The beam that holds the main piece, which attaches to the sun with the teeth on one end to the sun and the other to the main piece.

The spindle section, which is positioned on the rostrum and forms an outline.

End cap is another type of installation data that is used to connect left and right in specific supports as well as Louvre end concrete.

2. Cubic Louvre

The cubic louvres are also available in various dimensions and the overall structure is aluminum profile.

3. Composite Louvre

These louvres are made from boxed composite sheets and have all the features of a composite facade.

Are aluminium louvre systems more expensive than metal ones?

Are aluminium louvre systems more expensive than metal ones?

The metal Louvre, which is split into aluminum and iron, is lighter than the aluminum Louvre and is mainly used in building or window sills. Aluminum Louvre is used in residential buildings, offices, schools, stadiums, and in any building where beauty and a comfortable atmosphere with light and temperature are required. These Louvers allow for anodizing for silver, gold, bronze, and black, and can be produced in any standard color if used as a lacquer or powder.

Angled aluminum skylights also reduce the impact of solar radiation by up to 80% and reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. These aluminum skylights have the highest resistance to winds of up to 150 km / h in the most critical situations due to the use of 6.63 aluminum alloy and no special protection is required after installation.

The versatile and attractive design of blades with dimensions of 100, 120, 150, 170, 200, 225, 400 mm can create an interesting and eye-catching combination of different building materials in the modern look of buildings. And so they are more applicable to metal Louvre and more expensive than metal Louvre.

Aluminum Sun Louvers Manufacturers in Iran

Manufacturer of aluminum Louvre in Iran

Manufacturer of fixed aluminum louver in Iran has widely launched this product and special facade of building that is more affordable for buyers. Louvers are produced in a variety of different ways, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Your question about the aluminum Louvre is what is a fixed aluminum Louvre? When you look at the construction that is taking place both at home and abroad these days, one can see the huge difference between the architecture of the past and the present.

Nowadays, for the purpose of building and creating a unique look on the building, they utilize different techniques and arts that in addition to beauty can control the heat, cold and so on.

This has a special effect on controlling energy and preventing its loss; one of them is the beloved Louvre systems.

The Louvre is produced and distributed in a variety of ways, including the most important category that can be considered for this modern building system; the Movable Louvre is a fixed Louvre.

Varieties of models also recognize the Louvre as a strap because they can easily handle direct sunlight while providing lighting for the building.

Aluminum Louvre manufacturer in Iran, because of the wide demand of buyers in this field, have offered direct and without intermediary this type of stylish building views on their sites.

Aluminum louvers have a high degree of resistance to natural phenomena such as wind, rain, hurricanes and so on.

Manufacturers of aluminum Louvre in Iran

Manufacturer of aluminum Louvre in all kinds and types mentioned, based in large provinces such as Tehran and distribute nationwide inside and outside the country.

One of the prestigious companies producing various models of Louvre systems in the country was Concept, whose head office is located in Tehran province.

Buying directly from the manufacturing companies will bring the following benefits to the esteemed buyer:

  1. Cheaper price
  2. Higher qualitative diversity
  3. Free and immediate consultation

Aluminum Louvre Production Center in the country:

The production and sales center of fixed aluminum Louvre is located in Hamadan and Yazd province as these two provinces have the highest production of aluminum among the other provinces. The product centers are trying to give the customer the right choice in order to increase their reputation in the world. Top Iranian companies are currently one of the top companies in the world in this industry.

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