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Curtain wall aluminium profiles to export

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Fortunately, in Iran, many exporters are widely involved in the export of curtain wall aluminium profiles . Exporters of Curtain Wall Aluminum profiles try to supply the highest quality and original type of this product to foreign countries and obtain their satisfaction in relation to this product. join us to more information.

Curtain wall aluminium profiles to export

Positive features of Curtain wall aluminium profiles

Positive features of Curtain wall aluminium profiles One of the most important features of aluminum profiles is its ductility. Today, it has been replaced by iron due to its flexibility. Light weight and suitable aluminum profile is another practical feature. This property has made this metal widely used in the aviation industry.

Since the entry of aluminum profiles into the market, this metal has always maintained its position in both construction and industrial fields. Another feature of aluminum profiles is temperature exchange. This feature is one of the most important differences between aluminum and iron profiles. Iron windows usually waste more energy, but aluminum windows do not, and this is very important in optimizing energy consumption.

Another important feature of aluminum curtain wall system is its beauty. Due to its light and white color, this metal conveys a more sense of beauty and cleanliness to the residents of the building. It also has high strength and durability and is therefore suitable for use in residential and office buildings.

Aluminum profiles are sleek and easy to install. They are also non-flammable and are a safe and convenient option for installation in kitchens. Aluminum double-glazed windows can be installed on aluminum windows, bringing their use closer to that of a UPVC window. 

Aluminum profiles weigh less than PVC windows and are recyclable. They are also sold in the market in different designs and colors.

Exporting curtain wall aluminium profiles

Exporting curtain wall aluminium profiles The export of this product is done directly and indirectly, the price of each of them is different from each other.

Today, many factories and manufacturing companies are engaged in the aluminum curtain wall manufacturers and production of various types of aluminum profiles. These factories offer their products, which include aluminum curtain wall profiles, directly to the market and buyers without intermediaries. Direct supply of this product has caused its price to decrease compared to indirect supply; Because there is no intermediary in the direct method and therefore additional costs are eliminated.

The supply price of aluminum curtain wall profiles depends on various factors, including: material and quality, brand and brand, weight and size, bulk and single purchase, type of application, its originality, and so on. These items play an important role in reducing or increasing the price of this product.

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