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Architectural Louvers | Different Uses of Louvers in Buildings

Architectural Louvers are available in a variety of sizes  and their overall structure is made of aluminum profiles. Composite louvers are made in box (square cube or rectangular cube) and have all the different capabilities of composite views. Most of the difference between the Louvre types (apart from the different features and options) is how they are installed. The next type of Louvre is sun breaker systems that are used in residential buildings, offices, schools and universities, sports complexes and in any other building and space where beauty and comfort are among your top priorities.

Architectural Louvers | Different Uses of Louvers in Buildings

Architectural air louvers for commercial buildings

Architectural air louvers for commercial buildings

One of the activities in the specialized clinic of Facade louvers design and Implementation in the Department of Architecture of Iran is the study and identification of new facade design techniques and techniques.

Therefore, one of the main approaches of this group is to integrate scientific theories with practical methods.

In addition to preventing direct sunlight, the Louvre provides a unique and unique design for architects. It is in addition to the beauty of the practical and useful canopy facade. The system consists of three main pieces that connect to the structure creating the Louvre.

The Duke’s Louvre are a new generation of skylights that have attracted much attention from consumers, including designers of construction projects.

What are rear window louvers for?

What are rear window louvers for?

Building designers use different windows based on needs and other criteria. Windows are installed in the buildings for air conditioning as well as providing a view. The windows also enhance the beauty of the buildings.

Different windows are used in buildings depending on their location, materials and performance. Here are some of them. The criteria for selecting a suitable window The choice of a suitable window in a particular location should be based on the following factors: location of the room, room size, wind direction, weather conditions, type of room, architectural aspect of the building

Types of windows Fixed windows These windows They do not open and are fixed inside the wall. Generally, they are merely for the light to pass through the room. These types of windows are usually installed in a building that does not require air conditioning.

This type of window is used in all buildings – from traditional to modern. Sliding windows These types of windows move back and forth on the rails, but are mounted horizontally or vertically. This window has many uses for bedroom installation.

Some sliding windows are one pop-up window and others are two pop-ups. The best place to install these types of windows is in the kitchen. However, due to the rail, the seams are not fully sealed and there is a possibility of air leakage. Axial windows Axial windows can be opened or closed either vertically or horizontally and can easily control the air flow. These types of windows are very popular.

The pop-up angle is also adjustable in the axial windows. Double Hung Windows These windows have a pair of hinges that move vertically up and down on one frame within a frame. They can be fully opened up or down completely.

But they stay completely inside their frame and have no protrusion – inward and outward. However, in single-hung windows, only the lower part of the window moves and the upper part is fixed. Louvre windows These windows are manufactured solely for air conditioning and without the ability to see outside the building. These windows are made of wood, glass or metal. They are actually like shutters and can be folded.

The angles of the Louvers are 45 degrees. Also, their slope drives rainwater down. These windows are suitable for bathrooms and bathrooms and generally private places. Hinged windows These windows are open from both the top and the side and are very popular these days. These windows have two series of sealants that are fully sealed to prevent air leakage and are also robust.

Metal windows These windows are usually made of light steel. In addition to being more powerful, these windows are usually cheaper. These windows are widely used today and are mostly used in public buildings. Some of the other metals used in the production of these windows include aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and more. But they are all more expensive than light steel.

Sash windows These windows are reticulated and, instead of moving on the heel, they are mounted in a compartment on which they are mounted. The sashes usually form one of the four sides of the room and continue from floor to ceiling. These types of windows were used extensively in older homes and provided interior light.

Aluminium architectural louvers producers and sellers in Asia

Aluminium architectural louvers producers and sellers in Asia

A manufacturer of fixed aluminum louver in Asia, especially in Iran, has made a direct release of this product and special building facade to make it more affordable for buyers. Louvers are manufactured in many different types, each with its own advantages and capabilities. Today, the building uses unique art and techniques to build and create a unique view of the building, in addition to Beauty can also control the heat and cold, and so on.

This has a special effect on controlling energy and preventing its loss; one of them is the beloved Louvre systems.

The Louvre is produced and distributed in a variety of ways, including the most important category that can be considered for this modern building system; the Movable Louvre is a fixed Louvre.

Varieties of models also recognize the louvre as a strap because they can easily handle direct sunlight while providing lighting for the building.

Aluminum Louvre manufacturer in Iran, due to the wide demand of buyers in this field, have made direct and indirect supply of this kind of stylish building views on their sites.

Aluminum louvers  and architectural sunshade louvers have a high degree of resistance to natural phenomena such as wind, rain, hurricanes and so on.

What are the best types of louver roof systems?

What are the best types of louver roof systems? The louvre false ceiling is one of the best types of false ceilings that this ceiling has gained in popularity because of its unique beauty. Prices for false ceilings in Louvre are higher than other types of false ceilings because of aluminum.

You can find a lot of information about “the industrial wall louvers” and also “vertical louvers” on the Internet.

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