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do you want to know about horizontal louvres? are you interested in getting some information about vertical louvres, weather louvre, architectural louvres, and ventilation louvres? Louvre, an intrinsically French word, is commonly referred to as a canopy in Persian. Louvre is mostly used to break the intensity of sunlight and reduce its heat in hot areas. The structure is made in various forms as you will see in some examples. In Iran, they make the louvre mostly with wood and then paint it after installation. The louvre’s facade is an aluminum canopy that controls the direct sunlight into the building and airflow, while also giving the building a beautiful appearance.

Wholesale Place to Buy Louvre Systems

What is the purpose of louvres on buildings?

What is the purpose of louvres on buildings?Today, the implementation of expansions that are cost-effective and efficient has flourished. Each facade can have its own unique features besides appearance. The aluminum Louvre facade is one of the unique facades. This facade is very energy efficient.

Aluminum louvre’s performance is not just for the facade of the building. Aluminum louvers can also be used for ceilings. This facade plays a significant role in saving energy by reflecting sunlight. Design and implementation of aluminum Louvre in a way that does not restrict in any way the exterior view of the building. The Louvre only avoids direct sunlight. Another advantage is its simple and calculated implementation.

The blades section of these aluminum spindles is of a delicate and elegant design. These Louvers are good for use as sunscreens. These louvres reduce the sun’s impact by up to 80%. They also guarantee up to 30% energy savings. The fuselage louvres are a new generation of sunscreens that are manufactured in different sizes. These Louvers are installed vertically and horizontally. They are 100 to 400 mm in diameter and made of 6.36 alloy.

The fuselage louvres consist of three main prices that create the louvres by attaching to the structure. The Solar, the rosary and the fuselage are the three main parts of the fuselage laurel. Fixed installation method This is one of the most common Louvre installation systems. This method is widely used because it is easy to install on glass and composite faces and is economical. In this way, the Louvre is either attached to the structure by the holes created on its cover or mounted on its holder by the base.

Can we use aluminium louvre systems as facade?

The aluminum Louvre facade brings unique features to the interior, such as beauty and comfortable space. Paints with RAL code are used to paint the Louvre’s aluminum facade and have a wide range of colors. No special work is required to maintain the aluminum louvre façade, and the blades of 100, 120, 150, 170, 200, 225, and 400 are used for the design. Features of the aluminum Louvre include quick and easy installation, window sills and skirts.

Aluminum louvre can be used on any type of display, including composite and glass, and there is no limit. With the advent of technology, a new aluminum Louvre facade has been invented that can create a shift in blades due to atmospheric conditions.

The Louvre facade is installed and executed on the windows facing east and west. The louvre’s façade is positioned to the south and is horizontally mounted to provide a good view of the interior, in addition to reducing light exposure.

The wooden louvre, which is a type of timber wood, is used for parts of the ceiling as well as the facade. Metal Louvre Available in two types of aluminum and iron. Its lightweight aluminum type is used in the design and implementation of building facades. Due to their spindle shape, these souvenirs create a very beautiful appearance in the facade design. The spindle size of these aluminum louvres is available in sizes 80mm to 300mm. Aluminum Louvre Performance The Louvre Ducci is attached to the body chassis by riveted aluminum profiles and solar aluminum profiles.

10 Best Horizontal Feature Louvres Designs in 2019

10 Best Horizontal Feature Louvres Designs in 2019The horizontal Louvre facade in the glass facade of buildings is a type of glazing that is used intermittently in the facade of the building to limit visibility from outside the building and reduce the intensity of sunlight and for architectural engineers, Make it possible to design the facade of the building more beautifully, which is nowadays installed in different dimensions, in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Today, different types of louvers are used in glass facades of buildings, which are divided into two types, iron and aluminum, and their lighter-weight aluminum type is applied to the light and wooden type to the light. The ceilings of the pavilions are used, by installing louvres either directly on the facade of the buildings or on the window, which restricts vision and shadows the building.

When using the Louvre in the building, the sun’s rays will not pass through the glass and will not raise the temperature inside. The Louvre facade has the ability to adapt to any type of climate and changes the facade of the building at different times of the day. -Using the Louvre facade features designers and architects will be more versatile in designing and building glass facades. Louvre’s high-end use cases are produced in two fixed and moving models, each with its own characteristics.

5 ways to use louvres on your home

The use of louvres on homes can be dated as far back as the middle ages. Nowadays, louvres are much more sophisticated and are made from much sturdier materials like aluminium, steel, timber and more. And while they are still used for their original intentions (in some forms), they are now used for a much broader range of purposes.

In this blog we discuss five common yet incredibly effective ways you can use louvres on your home – either new or existing. Consider how louvres could be used on your home in one of the ways below. Louvres can be used to shade your home in a number of different ways: louvre shade screens, window awnings or eaves, louvre shutters, fixed shade louvres, or motorised louvred blinds. It’s important to consider the orientation and location of your home in order to choose the most effective solution. This will also determine whether horizontal or vertical blinds would be more effective, and even the angle at which they will sit.

Awnings are great if you’re after minimal shading, whereas motorised louvres can allow you to maximise both solar gain and sunshading as needed. If you’re unsure of which solution and style is best suited to your needs and property, it’s best to discuss this with an architect or louvre supplier. They will be able to show you how certain louvres can shade your home, and draw detailed plans so you can see how they will look on your home.

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