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Iranian Louvre Manufacturers in 2019

Louvre, an intrinsically French word, is commonly referred to as a canopy in Persian.Louvre is mostly used to break the intensity of sunlight and reduce its heat in hot areas.The structure is made in various forms as you will see in some examples like external vertical louvres.We are introducing all kinds of aluminum Louvers that you should consider depending on your needs. So you can get the best out of your home and building.

Iranian Louvre Manufacturers in 2019

Huge Range Of Aluminium Louvres & Shutters

Huge Range Of Aluminium Louvres & Shutters

As the name implies, this is a view of the Louvre, which, like the Louvre, covers an open or semi-open door.Since the lower level of the Louvre is visible in the building facade, the building must be complete and the facade will be covered as a second facade. The lower level of the louvre can be brick, cement, stone and so on. Of course, in some cases, the aluminium louvre panels is used as a shield and there is no wall below them. Louvers can be applied horizontally or vertically, preventing direct view of people outside the building.

Preventing light and sun from entering the building is another feature of the Louvre, so it is best to use it in the right buildings and places. Louvre blades can be made of different materials. Iron, wood and aluminum profiles and composite sheets are the most commonly used materials in the Louvre facade, depending on budget, building and weather conditions. The shape of the Louvre blades can also be different. The most common types of Louvre are the Ducal Louvre and the Cubic Louvre. A composite box can also be used with the Louvre view.

The Louvre is mostly used for spaces that have aristocratic or intrusive views.The structure is made of aerodynamic and aluminum components within 6-10 -15-20-30 degrees and is assembled and executed with color, anodizing and plating capabilities.The Louvers can be operated or used in inaccessible areas with the ability to be fixed or removable with a manual or motorized system and remote control center or smart central systems.These systems run horizontally, vertically or even on the roofs, and are capable of sealing and directing air from various angles.Easy Saze Company is proud to be one of the first implementers of this structure and with the satisfaction of our customers in using this system always try to update the technology of this product.

Some features of the aluminum louvre facade:

• Beauty and creating a comfortable space for indoors

• Louvers are stainable

• There is not so much maintenance

• Installable on all types of views

• Benefits of aluminum Louvre

• Suitable flexibility

• High durability

• Environmentally friendly

• Unique beauty

• No need for maintenance

Vertical Outdoor Aluminium Louvres Price Range

The aluminum louvre facade is one of the expensive facades. Since energy and energy consumption are so important around the world today, the external aluminium louvres can be a good choice for buildings. Reflecting sunlight and refracting light can help save some energy and prevent energy loss. The Louvers are installed in such a way that they do not disturb the exterior of the building and have relatively difficult and complex implementation. The aluminum Louvre facade is perfect for blending with other building views.

Types of aluminum Louvre facades:

• Oval Aluminum Louvers

• Louvre made of composite sheet

• Aluminum Louvers using aluminum cans

Various orphans and factors influence the price of the aluminum louvre. Considering these items we can set the aluminum louvre price. For example, the distance between the Louvre is considered to have an indirect effect on the price of the Louvre. If the gap between the Louvers is low, it will increase the number of used Louvers and increase the weight of the aluminum consumed in the facade, resulting in an increase in the final price of the facade.

The aluminum foil used directly affects the facade price. As aluminum consumption increases, the final price of the facade will also increase. The weight of the aluminum used in the facade is calculated and the price of aluminum is determined by its price.The cost of the Louvre facade is metallic cans.

The color of the Louvre used also affects the facade price. It should be priced according to the color used. Static, ordinary colors, wood designs, etc. are used in this view.The Louvre facade is installed and operated using special profiles such as animated solar rafter profiles. Special profiles also have different prices.

Best brands of external vertical louvres on Iran’s market

Best brands of external vertical louvres on Iran's market

Aluminum Louvre has several different models, which can be referred to as the Aluminum Louvre, fixed aluminum Louvre, spindle aluminum Louvre, aluminum roof louvre, rectangular aluminum Louvre.Aluminum Louvre is divided into five general categories as mentioned above. Aluminum Louvre is a very good tool for preventing direct sunlight into the house and noise pollution. In some aluminum Louvre models it is possible to move the Louvre using a lever.

The Louver The spindle(ventilation louvres), using the blades embedded in it, is called the spindle. That gives the building an elegant and elegant look. The use of the Louvre aluminum spindle is very high. That is to say, the most widely used aluminum Louvre model.One of the most important features of the spindle aluminum Louvre is the ability to change the angle of the blades to adjust the light’s passage. The Louvre Aluminum Ducati is the latest generation of skylights and shades that have recently attracted a lot of attention from consumers and have gained a lot of fans. There are also many designers who recommend using a spindle aluminum Louvre in the facade design.

The spindle aluminum louvre diameter is 100 to 400 mm, which can prevent up to 80% of optimum direct light exposure, optimizing energy consumption in the building, reducing energy consumption by up to 30%. There are parts with the name of the sun in the aluminum spindle louvre, the angles of which vary and can control the degree and degree of light passing through the louvre.

There is another piece called the rosary that is responsible for maintaining the original piece and attaches to the solar end at one end and the original Louvre at the other. The spindle cross-section mounted on the rostrum forms a general view of the louvre. The spindle aluminum louvre is divided into two categories, fixed and movable. That fixed type is actually the simplest and most consumable of the Ducal Louvre. The mobile type is a little more complex that you can remotely control with a remote.

The rectangular aluminum Louvre is not much different than the Ducal Louvre and they act as one, except that the Louvre’s appearance is rectangular.Rectangular louvers with various dimensions in design and production are commonly used to cover part of the building’s facade such as roofs, chillers, etc. It is also used to prevent direct sunlight and beautiful parts of the building’s various facades.

With the advancement of technology we can make the most of the simplest means possible. The same applies to the removable aluminum Louvre. Today, louvers are produced that can make changes to the facade of the building at different times of the day using an engine and adaptability to the climate.This system is specialized in aluminum louver (aluminum shader) or similar structures that can be changed by electric motors and mechanical joints in different light.

Operated aluminum louvre operated by the operator either remotely or directly. More recently, modern buildings are controlled by the BMS system for removable aluminum louvers. So that it intelligently adjusts the angle to various indices like light and indoor temperature. The movable aluminum Louvre is mounted on a single axle from the movement site and then rotated by a mechanical lever.

Find cheapest kinds of vertical louvres on the market

One of the most widely used models of the louvre is the fixed aluminum Louvre(fixed aluminium louvres). This system is the most common louvre installation system. Due to its simplicity and economy and the ability to install directly on composite glass or varnish systems, it is more commonly used.

When installing a fixed aluminum louvre, the louvers are either attached to the structure by the holes embedded in the lid, or attached to the holder by the holder.our Complex with many years of experience in the production and sale of aluminum products allows you to contact us if you need to perform an aluminum Louvre or know about the aluminum Louvre price.

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