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Best Louvre Systems for Roofs

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With the advancement of technology we can make the most of the simplest means possible. The same applies to the removable aluminum louvre. Today, louvers are produced that can make changes to the facade of the building at different times of the day using an engine and adaptability to the climate.Removable aluminum louvre is one of the best louvre systems for Roofs.vertical louvers architecture is one of the architectures used in modern buildings.

Best Louvre Systems for Roofs

Most expensive kinds of louvre systems on the market

Most expensive kinds of louvre systems on the market The louvre is a steel structure with a frame and shape made of special angles with predominantly metal blades. The louvre has many uses in the building, construction and architectural industries, and has a variety of sexual models and equipment depending on the type of use and dimension.The Louvre’s feature is in shading or blinding the path of vision and passing through light, but it does not stop the flow of air and fluid flow. The Louvre structure is light in weight.

Metal and non-metallic materials are used to make the Louvre, metal and aluminum (iron and aluminum) are used in industrial and construction projects, as well as in traditional projects, villas and wooden houses and gardens that use wooden Louvers. In addition to its type, it has a beautiful appearance and is in harmony with the surroundings. Metal laurels are divided into two categories: iron laurel and aluminum laurel.

Iron louvres are usually used for heavy construction or installation work and are stationary.Lighter and lighter aluminum louvre is used in moving work (window lights). Of course, lightweight galvanized louvers also fall into this category.

Depending on the type of rust structure, the iron louvre should be coated with paint or galvanized to prevent damage to rain and moisture. Depending on the place of execution, the best option is to cover the Louvre with a furnace color.


The price of aluminum Louvre will be very different depending on whether it is fixed or movable and obviously the movable specs have a higher price rate. There is a wide variety of building facade models in the market that are easily bonded and beautifully displayed.One of the most expensive types of louvre systems on the market is its aluminum type.Vertical louvers materials must be obtained from wholesale of these products.

Who are the best designers of louvre systems?

In some buildings one of the most commonly used designs is chosen as the second shell is the Louvre. In some cases, the Louvre is used as a shade in buildings, blocking the amount of sunlight inside and creating a spectacular view. Louvers come in many different types, depending on the buildings used, one or more different models can be used in the buildings. The Louvre types of materials used in its construction:

  • Wooden Louvre, usually made of Thermood wood
  • Metal Louvre made of both iron and aluminum
  • Composite louvre made of composite sheets

The design and design used to create the building’s facade will play an important role in beautifying and enhancing the overall security of the building, which should be of greater interest to architects and engineers.

Another lesser-seen building facade model that adds to the indescribable beauty of the entire building is the Louvre system.

The aluminum Louvre system is designed to be equally applicable to tall and short buildings. The best aluminum Louvre design can be determined by measuring the features that we will address below.

It’s not bad to know that Louvre plays an important role in controlling harmful ultraviolet rays, especially in areas that are very light.

  • Whether vertical or horizontal
  • Light or heavy
  • Excellent protection against various factors.
  • Help with building security

The vertical louvers detail can be found in the guide on these products.The aluminum Louvre false ceiling is very elegant and is very effective in shaping modern spaces. They can be painted to suit your taste and decoration. Also, the aluminum Louvre false ceiling has three-dimensional and arched performance. These types of false ceilings are used for special lighting and special forms of architecture.

Differences between vertical and horizontal louvre systems

Differences between vertical and horizontal louvre systems The Louver system is the building’s solar system. This system is also used in building ventilation and is also used in facades for its versatility and beauty. In general, the Louvre is a fixed window with vertical or horizontal angled blades to allow light and air to pass through.

This system prevents direct sunlight and rain from falling to the surface of the building. It also prevents the passage of sound to some extent. Louvers Can be installed on a variety of facades, such as glass, composite, etc has it.

In the horizontal Louvre system, the blades are embedded with a section called the horizontal, creating a beautifully elegant look. The use of this type of Louvre is very high. One of its most important features is the ability to adjust the angle of the Louvre blades to adjust the light passing through it.

Horizontal Aluminum Louvers are the latest generation of skylights and shades that have recently attracted a lot of attention from consumers. Many designers also recommend using this type of louvre in facade design.Vertical Louvers are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, and their overall structure is made of aluminum profiles.Vertical louvers facade can be used in many designs.

Who are the best producers of aluminum louvre systems in Asia?

Today, the architects of the building facade are trying to implement the most beautiful designs and ideas in the building facade. Since Iran has hot and dry climate and direct sunlight, the architects thought to present a product that would allow direct sunlight reduction.

Aluminum or spindle louvre made in different sizes of molds is fixed and movable and attached to the building’s facade structure with rosewood and solar. The aluminum louver design has three modes to adjust the best possible. Spindle and rectangular composite louvers are widely used in the building facade industry today.The Louvre’s facade is an aluminum canopy that controls direct sunlight into the building and passes, while also giving the building a beautiful view.

The Aluminum Canopy Louvre is available in three different models:

  • Duke
  • Rectangular
  • Z shape

Many countries in Asia produce these products, the most prominent being Japan, China and Korea.In Iran too, many companies have developed this product that can compete with foreign samples in international markets.Vertical louvers design as well as vertical louvers in plan can be consulted by engineering companies in this field.

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