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Affordable Aluminium Louvres for Export

Louvres have been an important part of architecture since the Dark Ages.Aluminium facade louvres are shutters that have horizontal slats that can be put into different angles to shade from the sun. In the present day we mainly place aluminium louvres for decorative purposes and architectural beauty.Louvre systems are also used in front doors, closets and ceilings.The use of louvres inside the home is often shading, ventilation or just decoration.
Affordable Aluminium Louvres for Export

Supplier of louvre systems for buildings in iran

Supplier of louvre systems for buildings in iran

Louvre Aluminium within commercial buildings are both functional and complementary to the aesthetics of the building. Louvres perform a wide range of functions and are not solely limited to providing free air flow and exhaust extraction for plants.

They can enhance the appearance of the façade with clean lines and surface finishing to match the surrounding joinery. They can also contribute to an energy-efficient design in the form of sun shades. Louvre Awnings are extremely effective for providing privacy, light control and air flow for balconies and external windows.

They also provide peace of mind with added security for your home. louvre facade system can be installed in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions on any building.

Iran’s contemporary architecture scene is on the brink of a boom after the lifting of economic sanctions. We’ve collected together 11 of the best examples from the country’s new crop of buildings and bridges.

The louvre aluminium  facade of this mixed-use building in the Iranian city of Hamedan merges with a wave-like roof that the public is invited to sit, walk or play on .

How many kinds of louvre systems are there around the world?

Louvre blades have been used on buildings since the middle ages, with some of the earliest louvre blades still visible on churches and other historic buildings throughout Europe. Today they are becoming increasingly popular with architects in facade design, and are used to achieve shade control, weather protection, privacy, aesthetics, ventilation and more.

In this part we’ll take a look at some modern louvre systems, and how they’re being used in the New Zealand architectural scene.

Fixed louvre blades

Fixed louvre blades are very versatile and are generally used for shading and privacy purposes. With a large number of fixing details available, fixed louvre blades can be incorporated into a building design in many ways.

Stonefields, Auckland is a great example of fixed louver facade detail blades in action in a modern terraced housing development. Here fixed louvre blades were used to provide the buildings with shade and an aesthetic impact.

Fixed louvre blades New Zealand

Operable louvre blades

Operable louvre blades are used to achieve greater shade control than their fixed counterpart. The louvre blades can rotate on either a vertical or horizontal axis and can be adjusted to achieve greater shade control. The rotating action can be either manual or motorised.

Opening louvre roof

The opening louvre roof is used over outdoor living areas to provide protection from the elements and to enable year-round outdoor dining. The louvre blades rotate on a horizontal axis and provide protection from the rain when closed, but can also be opened to let the sunshine in. Rain sensors can be provided, so the louvres close automatically when the rain starts.

This project in Cable Bay is a great example of a louvre roof project, where the louvres were fixed inside a steel structure.

Opening louvre roof

Sliding shutters

Sliding shutters can be used to achieve complete control over privacy and shade protection. The shutters can be moved to leave the living space completely open or provide shade/privacy as desired.

This project in Taupo used sliding shutters with fixed louvre blades for privacy purposes. The shutters moved along the entire side of the property providing privacy wherever it was required, including the master bedroom, indoor and outdoor living areas.

Are wooden louvre systems good for exterior uses?

Are wooden louvre systems good for exterior uses?

The use of wood for building facades has a long history, and in many cultures wood tiles have been used for exterior and ceiling use. Although due to the need for high maintenance and lower durability of wood shutters than other options and the availability of various industrial products and alternative materials in the market for wood shutters, the use of wood shutters has declined in recent times, the inherent importance of wood as one of the desirable materials in technical applications.

And engineering is nothing short. So that is still a serious competitor for many raw materials with similar applications and in some cases cannot be replaced. The beauty of the motifs, the variety of colors, the warmth and the tranquility that makes a person see wood objects and structures, and the originality and sense of old that the wood faces create, are not achieved with stone, metal, brick and similar materials.


The wooden louvers design facade is the exterior of a wooden building. The wooden facade is in fact a shell or building cover and in addition to the beauty and eye-catching aspect it can act as a protector against factors such as cold, heat and humidity and stabilize the heat inside.

Also with proper engineering and treatment of wood can increase the life and durability of wood and make them more resistant to decay.

Thermowoods have features that make them the best choice for exterior and interior woodwork due to the process they go through during treatment.

Wooden louvre, mainly made of Thermowood and used on the facade or ceiling of pavilions

The metal Louvre, which is split into aluminum and iron, is lighter than the aluminum Louvre and is mainly used in building or window sills.

In terms of how Louvre was positioned

The vertical louvres is mainly used in two ways, either mounted directly to the windows or defined as skirts and mounted horizontally, which does not restrict visibility but has good shading. The former is used in the western and eastern facades and the latter in the southern facades

Latest price list of louvre systems in 2019

Louvre systems, such as aluminum facades, have many different prices. The fences are priced according to the design on which they are made and the quality and specifications of the aluminum fence. In general, the price of natural aluminum railings available in the market in 2019 ranges from about 40,000 tomans to 100,000 tomans. The fences for 40,000 Tomans are definitely not of the required quality and they are not recommended for use.

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